Goodwill’s Halloween Pop-Up Shop Now Open!

Check out our pop-up shop for everything Halloween. We’ve got brand-new costumes and all the accessories you can think of. It’s open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from now until Halloween at the University Hills donation center.


halloween pop up shop

Club Blue members: SEVEN ways to save this month!

Are you a member of our exclusive rewards program? Goodwill wants to make sure Club Blue members feel the LOVE this month, so we are giving you SEVEN special treats!

7Days 7W2S

Let’s start things off with your first treat…
DAY 1 Thursday, February 6: Get 20% off any purchase of $25 or more!

Throughout the month of February, keep an eye on your email for seven special deals that will get your heart pumping.

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Present your Club Blue card to take advantage of discount. Sale excludes blue and orange ticketed items. No other discounts apply. Offer good at all Denver area and northern Colorado locations. Sale pricing not valid at Goodwill Outlet World locations and Déjà Blue Boutique.

A Few of My Favorite Things…from Goodwill

Whenever I travel, I love to find a Goodwill store and go hunting for objects d’art. Over the years I’ve found some really interesting pieces of pottery, ceramics, and glass. Displayed on shelves, they add  a lot character to my home. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Another is this painted pot


During a recent visit to Goodwill’s Déjà Blue Boutique, I found several beautiful pieces for sale!

green vase

For instance, I found this lovely vase for only $14.99.

round bowl

And this unique, hand-signed bowl is only $29.99. I didn’t add these to my collection, so they’re still available! Head on over to Déjà Blue at 303 University Blvd to find some thrifty home decor!

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect

These days, we all walk around with cameras in our phones, snapping photos and instantly posting them for our friends and family to see. Goodwill offers us a chance to take a step back and remember photography’s past. Photos let us glimpse into history and allow us to see the world through a different lens. Goodwill is a great place for anyone with a love of photography to stock up on unique cameras, books, décor, and more. You can get a lot of flash, for little cash.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_1

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_2

Vintage cameras have themselves become works of art. They look great on bookshelves or can be easily made into fantastic nightlights.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_3

This framed Ansel Adams photo is a steal at $6.99. Plus, the tag is green, which means this Saturday, January 25, it will be only 99 cents!

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_4

Take your photo album offline with these stylish frames and brand new photo books, ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 each.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_5

There’s a huge difference between a snapshot and a photograph. Learn how to shoot like a pro or find inspiration in others’ work through books found at Goodwill.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_6

I found this antique flash unit in its original box and complete with bulb. I love that it has a “Built-in Kal-Q-Lator,” whatever that means!

You never know what treasures you’ll come across at Goodwill. Exploring the shelves with a theme like photography in mind is a fun way to thrift. Knowing that Goodwill is focused on improving our community makes it even better.

Super Bowl Styling

The Super Bowl is upon us and like so many others in Denver, I’m thrilled that our team is a part of this super season finale. I’ve already been invited to two parties, and I cannot wait!

Just one small problem–these are not beer and brat parties. These are high-brow get-togethers with finger foods and cosmo’s (ok, orange colored cosmo’s). With not a scrap of Bronco orange in my closet, what is a girl to wear to these outings? Certainly not a jersey and baseball cap! Yesterday I had a thought–I bet I can find some appropriate Bronco party clothes at Goodwill’s Déjà Blue boutique.

Score! Check out these wonderful “upscale Bronco’s outfits” which are currently on display in Déjà Blue’s windows on University Avenue.

photo 2photo 4

I also found some real Bronco orange bargains on the sale rack at Déjà Blue. This fabulous jacket is only $7.99 and the blue turtleneck is just $15. Best of all both are 50% off. too!

photo 1

And check this out, this blouse and scarf are only $16.99 and $6.99 (respectively) and are 50% off again! I could wear this cute blouse to many events beyond the Bronco Super Bowl parties!

photo 5

Last, look at this wonderful treasure which would make a great centerpiece at ANY Bronco party. Only $9.99!

photo 3

Again, all of these great Bronco “finds” are at Déjà Blue at 303 University in Cherry Creek North! There were so many great clothes that I can’t decide what to wear! Oh well, maybe an outfit for each party? :) Go Bronco’s!

DIY Blouse Upgrade

I loved finding this yellow J.Crew button up shirt at the Lake Arbor Goodwill store for only $4.99! What a bright find on a snowy Colorado day. However, it needed a little something extra, so I decided to add some beads to the pocket.


I grabbed some supplies from home and some pink beads from a craft store and I was ready to go!


After threading the needle I tied a knot on the long end of the thread and put the needle through the pocket starting on the inside. Then I added beads in a haphazard pattern across the top of the pocket.


Voila! Ten minutes and I had a new shirt with some flair for less than 10 bucks.


50% Off This Saturday! Plus Shoe Sale at Déjà Blue!

Stop by your local metro Denver or northern Colorado Goodwill location for 50% off nearly everything!


PLUS! Drop by Déjà Blue at 303 University Blvd in Cherry Creek North this Friday through Monday (17th-20th) for the buy one pair of shoes get the second pair half off sale! (Second pair must be of equal or lesser value.)

Don’t miss out on these awesome discounts!

Secret Agent Man…Cave

Since the man cave is a guilt-free getaway, what better way to spend your time there then watching some of your favorite movies? At Goodwill, you can find a great selection of DVDs, but with VHS tapes costing just 99 cents (or 50 cents on sale days), I couldn’t help but think, there’s got to be gold in these antique wonders! Here’s a great way to repurpose VHS tapes and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art to liven up your movie room.

Movies and frame
First, pick out a few VHS movies starring your favorite actor or actress, or from your favorite series. I’m a big James Bond fan and was lucky enough to find all six of the films starring Sean Connery at one Goodwill location! You’ll also need to find a frame that can fit the covers of each of the movies. I found this frame at the same location, and the size was a perfect match.

Follow these steps
For this project, you’ll need a ruler, scissors, double-sided tape, and an X-Acto knife (or some method of cutting a straight line). You’ll also want a protective surface to cut on, and you may need a piece of mat board if you can’t reuse the existing mat that’s already in the frame you purchase.

First, you’ll need to remove the backing on the frame.

Since the old piece of art in my frame had a tan mat, I chose to use a black backing instead, so I cut one to the appropriate size. If you can reuse the current mat, all the better!

Next up, roughly cut out the front of each of the VHS boxes using scissors. You don’t need to be exact at this point.

Now, take your ruler and X-Acto knife and cut a clean line around the front of the box. You’ll want to cut off any rough or damaged spots, which usually occur on the corners. Just make sure you cut each of your boxes to the same size.

Once all the covers are cleanly cut, lay them out on your mat and make sure everything is aligned just how you want it. It usually looks nice to leave a little bigger margin on the bottom. You can now tape each cover to the mat using double-sided tape and the back of the covers.

All you need to do now is put the new art in the frame and put the frame back together. The final product looks great, and the total cost was just $13! (The movies were $6 total and the frame was $7.) Cut that amount in half if you shop at Goodwill’s 50% off sales. Plus, you still have the movies themselves.

The final product

Now all you need to do is hang up your new piece of art, pop in your favorite movie, and enjoy a martini or two… shaken, not stirred, of course.

DIY Daily Affirmation

Happy New Year!  With January almost half way over, you may be struggling to hold on to those new year’s resolutions. This is a fun, creative, super cheap way to provide yourself a daily reminder of what it is that you’re striving for in 2014.

Be...creative! Be...bold.! Be  thrifty!

Be…creative! Be…bold.! Be thrifty!

Some of my personal goals for 2014 are to adapt a more positive outlook, be more present, and to keep myself motivated. I totally hate all those cheesy motivation posters you see in corporate boardrooms or the waiting rooms of a doctor’s office that show some generic nature photo and a caption that’s supposed to be pithy and uplifting. This quick, simple DIY is a great personalized alternative that allows you to find images that uniquely resonate with you and that are customizable to your goals. Plus, you can proudly display them anywhere in your home and never be out of place!

I found these great letters at the Archer Goodwill last weekend. I love the metallic scroll work of the ‘B’ and I adore the obvious care that went into the homemade modgepodge ‘E’. These would be equally great in any nursery to spell out the name of your new arrival, or at a wedding to denote special seating for bride and groom.  The Archer store had tons of varieties of letters,  just as unique and varied as the occasions you could use them for. As an added bonus, the whole thing cost me less than $10!