Travel and Makeup Bags

Since I showed you how I pack my clothes yesterday, I thought I’d show you some adorable makeup bags you can take on your upcoming travels! I always have a difficult time finding the perfect travel or makeup bag.  When I travel for a week or more, I end up taking 2 bags, one checked and one carry on.  I usually try to put the bare essentials into my clear carry on and makeup and my toiletries for the week in the checked luggage.

I have actually spent a lot of money on toiletry bags in the past because I hadn’t checked the local thrift store.  I’ve ended up spending around $20 on a bag, when I could have gotten one for about $3. Oh, well, live and learn.

I thought it interesting that I actually have and currently use this blue makeup bag.  These two bags have a certain shape to them so they don’t crush easily.  Plastic interior helps one to clean if there is a makeup or toiletry catastrophe.  It also makes it easier to pull the toiletries or makeup out of their zippered openings.  Zippers help so much and honestly, I feel all toiletry bags should have zippers or a closing of some sort to help keep things in their place.  These bags are small and mostly for makeup.

These fun little bags are great for a night out where you only want to take the bare essentials. All priced at $1.99 each, and never been used!

I have to say, I fell in love with this little bag, brand new, and still tagged.  It is fun and would make me happy every time I looked at it.  If I needed one, I’d get it, but as a thrifty thrifter, it’s best not to overdose on things, too easy to do.

I’ve been talking about makeup and toiletries, and haven’t mentioned anything that would carry jewelry or a nice pair of shoes.  Here are some very fancy bags that I found that almost match in their oriental type print on both. It is truly a luxury to have your own jewelry case or shoe carrier.

This final suede bag, brand new and priced at $2.00 is a great overnight bag. Love it!

Good stuff, now I know where to go to get me a travel case!

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