Unique brand dresses

I was looking around at a local thrift store for a good summer dress for one of my upcoming trips. What caught my eye was these brands that were obscure to me, I’d never heard of them and couldn’t even find anything about them on the web!

Espresso Dress: $7.00 – can’t even find the brand online.  I don’t think it comes from around here…had the original tag for $24.00, think it might have been at a consignment shop and priced at $24.00.  It is called a dog-walking dress, and to me, this is something Sarah Jessica Parker would wear and walk a tiny diamond-collared dog around in New York City.

No Name reversible dress, size small, $10. I LOVE reversible dresses!  What a great thing for travel.  I very much loved the colors of the dress and the reverse was less decorative and more turquoise.  I would have loved to purchase this dress for one of my trips, but it unfortunately didn’t fit me right.  Strapless dresses can be a hit or miss and not everyone looks great in them.  This was a miss for me…

Jessica McClintock cocktail dress in iridescent pink with black sash and lace: $13.00. Would be between $70 and $100 new.

Jessica McClintock strapless dress, Gunny sack style pink and brown polka dots with a pink sash. Only $13 for me, would be between $70 and $100 new.

Hand-made strapless dress in a romantic print: $20.00.  I was kind of surprised at the set price since it was hand made.  But it is so fancy, it had a strand of silver sequins on the front of it (hard to see in the picture).  A lot of TLC went into this dress, I’m also surprised it was given as a donation!

Lily Dress in a rather paisley and romantic print on sale for $12.99, normally goes for over $50 new.  This breathes easy and almost feels like a slip.

I was shopping at the Boulder Goodwill, so it seems they have plenty of dresses along with some unique brands that aren’t just found anywhere.

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