The Statement Jacket

The statement would be…”Holy Moly run to the car, I just bought a Nanette Lepore jacket at Goodwill!”  ( I saved myself about $300.00)  Have you tried it yet?  You had better hurry up!

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  1. You have a great Goodwill! Nothing against a higher price for a more expensive label…but the GW near me would charge at least $12.99 or more for that jacket. ANYTHING with a “name” is at least 3 times the price of a similar item, without the designer label. I guess what I’m trying to say takes the fun out of finding a great bargain. Still, it’s a deal at the higher price..but some of the fun is gone. Shoes are very worn at my local GW, and WAY overpriced. I love seeing what you find!! Do you shop the racks, or get to pick out items as they come in?? You have a great eye..hope your son gets better soon! Happy shopping…-ann

  2. Ann,
    I shop in the front of the store just like a regular shopper. I find all of the “goods” just like anyone else. Thanks for reading!!


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