Go Green!

Take a peek at the bench I picked up at Goodwill on Leetsdale. I paid $19.99 because I could see beyond the grandma fabric. Then I put it in the garage for about five months — so I could test my husband’s patience.

Not cute.

What the whaaat?

“Hey honey…this-a-here bench ain’t very sturdy…Imma put some boards and what not unner this bad boy.”

 ”Well don’t forget to shove some foam unner there for good mezure!”

“You read my mine Lerline!”

That entire dysfunctional  mess had to go!

So I had Norbert (yes, that’s his real name) my favorite wood cutter at The Home Depot cut a piece of wood for me. Norbert is the first one to help me out. Then I had my next door neighbor Matt cut out the notches so the wood piece would fit. If John Krasnowski and Ashton Kutcher had a baby it would look just like Matt, FYI — so he is the second helping hand…

We needed a little wood glue and some screws to hold this mess together…

…which is where Keys comes in to help….
Looking better already! Time to spray her up!

I used a dark primer first…

I went out on a limb with this green color. My first inclination would be to spray this black, but I have a bazillion pieces of black furniture. Besides, I swear we must live in the dustiest cul de sac in America – I can dust my giant black kitchen table, turn around, and suddenly alllll the dust comes back! So green equals hidden dust! Right?

Go Green!
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  1. So, now what will you do with it? Will it sit in your garden with different potted flowers on it? Will you add a cushion to it and enjoy your morning coffee there? What? What? Do tell!

  2. Yes – do tell!! I love this, by the way.


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