Vintage Turkey Roasters

In the 1950′s ovens were tiny.  In order to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey most of our mothers and grandmothers used a turkey roaster.  Since then ovens have gotten bigger,  but sometimes it is still a task trying to get everything ready at the same time!

I found TWO turkey roasters recently.  One at the newest Goodwill store on Hampden and Monaco, and one at the Belleview and Parker Road storeI want one just for the its nostalgic quality…but I have no where to put it. dang it.

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  1. I still have and use the one that belonged to my great-Grandmother who died in the early 1950s! I manage to ‘find’ the room to store it as it’s a touchstone to the past for me.

    Karen Bonner
  2. Oh Boy! I need one of those!
    I do recoginze that last one…my mother used it every Thanksgiving.


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