Bonne Maman Jars from Goodwill

Goodwill is a great place to find collections.  Sometimes you can find just the right thing to add to your own collection, but quite often you can pick up an entire collection that someone else put together.  I just happened to find an amazing collection of beautiful glass jars.  Are you familiar with  Bonne Maman preserves?  It is my favorite jelly (as we Americans call it)  The jars are beautiful, so I try to keep as many as I can to re-purpose.  It seems as though I am not the only one who collects them.  I was shopping at Goodwill during the holidays and came across an entire bag of them for $3.99.  Which is about the same price as one jar in the supermarket.

I did a little research and stumbled upon an entire Flikr account of ways to re-purpose these jars. Take a look HERE.

The red lids make them perfect for Christmas and Valentines Day.

I used them for my Peppermint Shortbread cookies and handed them out for holiday gifts for the neighbors.

My hot chocolate bar.  Makes you want to start looking at Goodwill doesn’t it?
image found here
image found here

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