Planning a Colorado Wedding?

Planning a Colorado Wedding? Let me tell you that the cowboy boot bridal party is in full swing! I love, love, love it!

(I’m sure you are not surprised.)images via Pinterest

Some of my favorite Goodwill boots.

This is my Goodwill Boot Collection

If you need to outfit an entire bridal party with beat up boots Goodwill should be your first and only stop! I am telling you from first hand knowledge that you could do it with a few weeks/months of careful shopping.
I was lurking on Pinterest the other day (follow me here) and came across this adorable picture of a girl and her boots.  I thought, “Hey, I just picked those boots up at Goodwill!”

Adorable, affordable, and available in a Goodwill store near you!

(you will have to go a few times to score some great boots, but keep trying!)

Happy Wedding Planning!

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  1. I found 2 gorgeous pairs of boots at my GW today. MEN’S boots. That has never stopped me from trying on cuz you never know! Well as much as I tried squinting my eyes and tilting my head just so…. they looked and felt ginormous on me! :(
    That’s ok! I found a cool still in the box kids TeePee kit for only $3. My grandkids will LOVE it!
    Thanks for inspiring me! Happy Thrifting!


    • Ella,
      I love mens cowboy boots! One of my favorite pair just happen to be men’s boots. Thanks for the comment. Happy Thrifting to you too!


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