I love cuckoo clocks, and lucky for us, they show up at Goodwill every so often.  If you would like one keep looking!  I love this collection of traditional cuckoo clocks, but the vibrant painted ones are so fun!

So I decided to make one for myself.  It was a tiny bit complicated, but I just took everything out (it was no longer working) and then put it back together keeping the parts that I wanted.

This is the cuckoo clock that I started with.  It was $10.99, but it didn’t work, and the weights were missing.

I removed the insides, and took the clock face apart.  Remember that I’m not using it to tell time,  but as a decorative piece.

I stuffed the insides with newspaper, primed and then painted it.

Then I reassembled it from the inside, using only the parts that I wanted.  I glued the face back on and glued the doors open with the cuckoo bird and little German man peeking out of the door.

How’s that for Goodwill Glamour?  Everything on the table including the table are from my favorite shopping destination…Goodwill!
shabby creek cottage

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