What I Wore Wednesday

I love this dress I found at Goodwill. It just so happened to have the tags still on it, which is nice but I would have loved it anyway. I chose to wear it on the 9News morning show with Gregg Moss. Did you happen to see it? We were at the Goodwill store on Belleview and Simms. It was so nice for everyone to get up so early and make the store so beautiful for us.

Which shoes do you prefer? I like them both, and yes both pair of JCrew shoes came from Goodwill on Leetsdale.

*A little behind-the-scenes secret shhhh…don’t tell anyone I told you but the sweet camera man Scott backed up into a shelf and there was an entire avalanche of breaking glass!  Everyone was fine, but it sure woke everyone up!

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  1. Pink!!!!!

  2. I ADORE your dress! So pretty. I guess I pick blue and that’s unusual for me, because I tend to go with a POP of color. I think either would look fantastic.

    Nice find on the dress.

    the domestic fringe
  3. Ooh, that’s a tough one, but I think I’m going to go with pink:)

    cate @ wild ruffle
  4. SO cute! I love this dress. I would definitely have to say the pink pair. :)


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    Amy Shaughnessy
  5. I’d have to go with pink for that summer look.

  6. Pink for fun, Blue for business – depending on where you are wearing the dress – which is lovely by the way! ;)

  7. All three pieces are amazing finds. Love the dress, and both shoes are great…..but I’m going to have to go with the pink!

    Pink Chai Style

    Raj @Pink Chai Style

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