Goodwill DIY

This little Goodwill DIY only requires two items:  a set of bookends from Goodwill and some spray paint.  I think I paid $2.50 for the bookends (or maybe it was $2.50 each).  Either way you can’t beat the price!!  I have been on the lookout for bookends for a looong time!  I finally came across these adorable lions.  They looked great in gold but I wanted something with a little more presence.  This DIY would work great with any piece of ceramic that may not match your home decor.  A little paint adds a lot of punch!

I didn’t prime them because I liked the gold underneath and so I wasn’t concerned if it came through a little.

I love how they turned out!!

I picked up some books at Goodwill also. I love how the simple orange lines on the spine really shine with the bookends. Books are a beautiful and inexpensive addition to any home decor. Goodwill is full of beautiful books. Come take a look.
Goodwill to Gorgeous!

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  1. Love the color and the bookends! They are pretty fab!

    Now, could you find me a typewriter just like yours?

    The Goodwill Gal
  2. I will look for you Goodwill Gal!

  3. oh sure, like i need another thing to look for at thrift stores, lol. these look great!

    the cape on the corner
  4. I just wanted to know you were featured in the spotlight right here:
    Please drop by for your featured button via the drop down menu under about or via the link up submit page or email me for code! Hope to have you drop by & enter again! Thanks for participating. Theresa

    Theresa @DearCreatives
    • Why thank you Theresa!!


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