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Dress You Up

Sixties GoGo Dancer

This is a fairly easy costume to put together. Get a short dress with a mod design on it like the ones below and pair it with gogo boots or chunky heels. A pair of large hoop earrings will really add to the look and don’t forget to do your hair and makeup! This is a very important part of the sixties look. If you need some sixties makeup assistance, check out this tutorial here.

Dress: $5.99
GoGo boots: $9.99
Vintage white purse: $4.99


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Serious Studs

Last fall began a serious stud revolution in the fashion world. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a piece of clothing or accessory out there that doesn’t have a studded option. From pants to headbands . . . studs are everywhere! This trend has transcended the fall and winter season and has remained strong through spring and into summer.  Sandals, bikinis, shorts, tank tops—all studded.

Luckily for us, Goodwill is along for the studded ride and we can be very stylish and on top of the latest trends but at a much lower cost to our wallet. Below is just a sampling of the studded options I found at Denver Goodwills.

Purses and totes.
Children’s clothing and shoes are not exempt from this trend . . . thankfully! I think studs look even cooler on kids. studs_shoes2

Name an accessory, you’ll definitely find one with studs on it.


Yes, even home decor has caught the bug. I found this pillow, which was brand new, at the Havana Goodwill.


And if you don’t find that studded tank top or shorts you were hoping to come across, buy a plain tank top or pair of shorts at your favorite Goodwill and stud it yourself. It’s incredibly easy! Click here to see a couple of different ways to do it.

golddotted line

Want to look at even more studded fashions? Check out J’adore Fashion,  you will find an incredible gallery of studded boots and shoes like the ones below. And you know, it’s just a matter of a short time before they make it to the shelves of you know where!



The Non-Tourist

Have you ever gone on vacation and wished you weren’t wearing your chino shorts and Tevas, for no other reason other than you stick out like a sore thumb? I’m a big believer in blending in with the locals the best I can on my travels. I always bring clothing that I would wear if I wasn’t on vacation—and often times it’s my favorite pieces that come with me.

This sundress is perfect for a day of sight-seeing. It’s super light and bright white, so it won’t soak up the sun and make you extra hot.

I added a wide belt and a couple of necklaces to throw the locals off even more!

And of course, a bag with a crossover strap (worn across your body),  is essential for holding your camera, travel guides, snacks and a light sweater or jacket.

You can look ultra cool during your summer excursions with just a few pieces from Goodwill that also can easily be incorporated into the rest of your travel wardrobe—and your photos will look so much better!

For more tips on how to not look like a tourist while on vacation, go to The Style Bar: 10 Tips for Stylish Travel.


Branded at Deja Blue

DSC_0549 DSC_0550
If you haven’t made it over to Deja Blue or just haven’t been in for awhile, this Saturday is a must. Deja Blue is having a Father’s Day Sale and you can get up to 20% off of your purchases. Goodwill’s boutique offers some of the best name brands and on-trend clothing for a fraction of the retail price.

This Coach bag is in like new condition and was only $89.99.
The Givenchy scarf is also in excellent condition and priced at $89.99. Givenchy scarves retail sell for $250 and up.
And the Stuart Weitzman shoes are new and only $69.99.  Shoes by Stuart Weitzman are rarely under $200.

I took all of these items back to Deja Blue last week, so if you hurry . . . they might still be there! If you can wait until Saturday, you can get an even better deal on them—if that’s possible!

And of course, you need to pick up something for dad since it’s a sale in his honor. Deja Blue has men’s clothing from dressy to casual and everything in between.

Givenchy ScarfWeitzman shoes

New in Town




Check out these new Goodwill billboards, and stay tuned for what else might unfold. These boards are located all around town, and all of the items shown were found right here in our stores!


New Store Opening!


Goodwill is opening a new store this Saturday, May 25 in Bear Valley! I took a few photos of what is waiting for you. The store opens at 8:00, so get there early. . . and you better make it really early, if you want to be one of the first in line! The new store is in The Bear Valley Shopping Center at 3100 S. Sheridan Blvd. There will be food and prizes throughout the day and . . . Club Blue members get to enter an additional drawing to win a $25 gift card!



There are a ton of shoes for women, men and children. These just happened to catch my eye . . . Lauren, Cole Haan, and Coach!


Mix it Up


How many times have you gotten dressed and thought that your outfit was just a little too nothing special? The easiest way to overcome that feeling and go from drab to fab? Accessories . . . and Goodwill has a ton. Whenever I feel like I need just that little extra something, I grab a belt or I change my bag for the day. And of course, adding a necklace, a couple of bracelets or a great pair of earrings can be key also.

One of the many great things about shopping at Goodwill, is the amount of variety they have, whether it’s clothing, accessories, dishes, etc. There is always something that fits everyone’s taste or style. And, if there is a new style that is just a bit out of your comfort zone, but you have been dying to try it . . . Goodwill makes it possible without the risk of spending too much money on something you may only wear a few times.


It’s time to trade in your dark, blah winter bag for a spring pick-me-up. And don’t forget to grab a beach bag—pool time is just around the corner!purses spring

Feeling Inspired

Jean dress

I can safely say that Goodwill inspires me more than any other retail store out there. Walk in the doors of a Goodwill store, and you have a thousand different ways to fashion an outfit and decorate your home. The inspiration never ends. And it’s all so inexpensive! The outfit above: denim dress: $8.99 . . . black bag: $6.99 . . . ankle boots: $8.99 . . . necklace: $4.99.

What else inspires me to shop at Goodwill?  Knowing that I am doing my part to recycle and keep even more waste out of the landfills.  Wow, it just keeps getting better!

To see more looks for your closet and your home from Goodwill, click through the Spring/Summer Inspiration Guide.

Ear Candy


Forget letting your hair down . . . put it up! It’s ponytail time, or maybe time for a cute shorter summer do. I found all of these gorgeous earrings at Denver area Goodwills. I love wearing bold and unique earrings, but they rarely get noticed until the heat comes on and my hair goes up.

And make sure to visit Deja Blue if you’re looking for a great selection of jewelry; they have it displayed throughout the store. Be warned, you could be there for hours!


17th Annual Power of Work Luncheon

Tomorrow, April 18, Goodwill Industries of Denver will celebrate the accomplishments of individuals who have overcome tremendous odds in order to achieve great things at the 17th Annual Goodwill Power of Work Luncheon. The luncheon will honor four Goodwill participants whose stories of struggle, hard work and determination will leave you inspired. You can read about this year’s award recipients here.

And. . . you can dress yourself from head to toe for the luncheon or absolutely any other business event, by shopping at Goodwill! By shopping and donating at Goodwill, you are helping to improve the lives of 21,000 Coloradans each year. The sale of donated goods to the retail stores fund highly successful career development programs for at-risk youth, struggling adults and individuals with disabilities. It’s a win-win opportunity! You get a new-to-you, stylish and unique outfit for way less than you would pay at the mall, while at the same time giving back to the community. And we haven’t even touched on the subject of recycling!

I came up with a couple of modern takes on business attire that would be suitable for a luncheon.

biz attire 2

I found this complete suit, blouse and belt ensemble at the Stapleton Goodwill. It’s a really cute suit, but I added the studded belt and black tights and heels to add some flavor. Also, the black earrings with gold accents add even more interest to the outfit. No more boring business suit here!

biz attire 4

If you prefer pants to skirts, pair a cropped pant with an interesting blouse. Try to find ruffles! Large ruffles are one of the big trends for this spring and summer.  I found this amazing blouse at the Leetsdale Goodwill and the pants, heels and vintage COACH purse are from the Goodwill boutique, Deja Blue.

Now, which one to wear—I think I’ll let the weather decide for me!