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Goodwill’s Bridal Showcase

It may not be scientifically proven, but December is engagement season.  If you’re in your 20′s, just look at your news feed on Facebook, and chances are that you have a few friends who got engaged over the holidays.

If you’re a bride on a budget, or know someone who is, Goodwill Denver has a great event coming up that will help all brides save money and make their big day perfect.


Goodwill is hosting its very first Bridal Showcase event on February 22nd, 2014 at our store located at 21 S. Broadway in Denver.  At the Goodwill Bridal Showcase, you can find dresses, veils, and thrifty tips about creating a beautiful wedding for a fraction of the average price.


We will have more than 100 new and gently used bridal gowns, accessories, bridesmaid dresses, and flower girl dresses all for sale between $50 and $400. We will also have ideas for affordable and DIY wedding décor, as well as gift ideas for the newlyweds.

We hope to see you there!


Goodwill Roadshow: Go Old School For The New Year

There’s still plenty of time to put together a fabulously vintage theme party for New Year’s Eve. Just take a quick trip to Goodwill! You can find everything you need to create a swingin’ shindig straight out of Mad Men.

Goodwill New Year's Eve Party ACCESSORIES

Check out what we found at the Goodwill store in Parker. The set of four cocktail glasses is perfect for unwinding after a long day of pitching to clients. The retro reading glasses are actually brand new. The retail tag says they’re $14.99. The Goodwill price? $3.99. That’s a deal even at 1960′s prices.

Goodwill New Year's Eve Party JACKET 1

Goodwill New Year's Eve Party JACKET 2

Ring in the new year with this beautiful jacket. It’s in perfect condition and is a steal at $5.99. It has a wonderful pattern inside and out and would go really well with a beehive and red lipstick.

Goodwill New Year's Eve Party DRESSES

Finally, we found plenty of other great vintage dresses and coats to fit any style and every budget. The only thing missing is some family, friends, some festive food and drinks, and plenty of hairspray. Happy New Year, thriftsters. Stay safe, and party like it’s 1964!

Top 5 Children’s Items You Should Always Buy at Goodwill

Hi, I’m Meaghan. People always tell you that kids grow up so fast. What they don’t elaborate on is that kids grow out of clothes practically before you even get a chance to take them off. Lucky for us thrifty moms, we know the secret to savings when it comes to the little ones – NEVER pay full retail for kid necessities! Cute, quality, very gently used (if ever used at all) items can be found at Goodwill at a fraction of the price of big box retailers and hey, families large and small need all of the savings they can get. Plus, I feel better about buying clothes and gifts for my children that put perfectly good items to use – it’s environmentally friendly as well as being friendly on your wallet. And now, the list:

1_Kids Clothes

1. Baby and Toddler Clothing and Shoes: Well-meaning admirers of your child in his/her first year of life will shower your cherub with adorable onesies, frilly dresses or fancy pants, shoes, and fun sundries that won’t fit them until December, or cozy sweaters that are a perfect fit in the sweltering summer. Lucky for us, these items get donated (sometimes with the tags still on) and now occupy the shelves and racks at Goodwill, saving you thousands in clothing purchases. You can afford to buy them everything they need in the right season and size. Plus, I always get compliments on the beautiful, unique, and sometimes handmade clothing I find at Goodwill.

2_Winter Gear_b

2. Winter Gear: With the barometer dropping, my mind quickly turns to what’s missing in my child’s current-sized wardrobe to keep them warm in the winter. Each year, I take a specific trip to my local Goodwill to search for coats and boots. Even toddler snow boots retail at anywhere between $30 and $100 a pop. I can always find boots in my kids’ sizes that look like they rarely touched the ground… and I can speak from experience that – for my kids – they rarely did. I also can always find parkas in excellent shape. I got this parka at the Leetsdale Goodwill, and yes, that is a lift ticket on there – she wore it her first time skiing last week! Thrifty bonus: we found a matching pair of mittens in the pocket.

3_Dress Up

3. Dress up clothes: I swear some of these children’s toy and play clothes companies assume that all parents are suckers… $30 for a princess dress?! Um no. This mom can find beautiful donated toddler-sized fancy dresses (perhaps they were holiday or flower girl dresses worn once) that my daughter delightfully dons during pretend play. Plus, she just doesn’t seem to mind that they are last season’s style. I shell out less than $10 each – take that!  I also find: scrubs for my little doctors, purses for when they pretend to be mom, costume jewelry, and even tiaras. It’s a toddler’s dream…

4_Holiday Attire

4. Holiday attire: If your kids are anything like mine, they are stripping down their perfectly primped holiday outfits before the last click of the camera at the holiday party – and that’s all I hope for each year. This is apparently how many families function (phew!) because I can always find formal kids’ attire in perfect or near-perfect condition at Goodwill. Patten-leather Mary Janes and suede loafers too… oh my!


5. Toys! I oftentimes find myself gagging at the sight of some price tags in the toy aisle at even the “bargain” big-box stores. I mean, $40 for a toy truck is just irresponsible. I found Caterpillar Big Cat builder trucks for $3.99, this huge 18-wheeler truck for $2.99, and a ride on race car for $7.99. Then I found a brand-new (in the cellophane) Candy Land game for $5.99. Now, that’s just totally fun!

This could easily be a top 10 or 20 list, but I had to stop here. Some other items I always get at Goodwill: Halloween costumes, décor for themed birthday parties, sports equipment – like helmets and baseball mitts… the list goes on and on.  Happy thrifting!

Designer Finds: Déjà Blue Boutique

Last week, Goodwill hosted an appreciation event for our biggest supporters. We were so thankful to have so many attendees there to meet our new CEO Stuart Davie, to meet participants from our programs, and to shop at Déjà Blue.


While I was working at the event, I snapped a few photos of some great designer items there were available (and might still be!) at Déjà Blue. I love these super cute Coach flats (that look like new) for less than $50!


Brand new men’s Cole Hann shoes below.


Finally, I saw this brand new dress from Foley’s–a department store chain that went out of business in 2005. Someone was holding onto this dress for a while, so I think it needs to be worn at a holiday party this year.


Let us know what designer items you’ve found at Goodwill!


Looking Forward

Time to look forward . . . forward to the holidays and the festivities that come along with these holidays. This red velvet dress is so striking and so perfect to wear all season long—and it only cost $9.99. It’s one of those dresses that you can’t go wrong with, it looks great casual or fancy. You could wear it to basically any function you have this fall or winter, even if that function is just going to a coffeehouse.


By adding a chunky or large necklace, sheer tights and some simple heels, this dress is ready for all of your elegant winter affairs.


These riding boots by Justin take the vintage velvet dress in another direction with their complimentary coloring and low-heel. I got them at the Archer Goodwill for $19.99. You can easily wear this combo for everyday—any day!

Have a great weekend!


Dress You Up

Sixties GoGo Dancer

This is a fairly easy costume to put together. Get a short dress with a mod design on it like the ones below and pair it with gogo boots or chunky heels. A pair of large hoop earrings will really add to the look and don’t forget to do your hair and makeup! This is a very important part of the sixties look. If you need some sixties makeup assistance, check out this tutorial here.

Dress: $5.99
GoGo boots: $9.99
Vintage white purse: $4.99


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Step and Repeat Your Fashion

It’s looking and feeling a little gloomy outside in Denver today. So I think the best way to keep the rainy and dreary weather from getting you down, is to brighten up your day/night with a colorfully electric dress . . . and some super flashy jewelry!


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More Fall Ease

orange dress
Fall is my favorite season, I love the cooler temperatures and what comes with those temperatures—fall and winter clothing! But seeing as it’s still fairly warm around here, I just take some of my favorite summer dresses and add a couple of fall touches to it.


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Back to School!

Back to school time often comes with mixed emotions. On the good side, kids are excited to see their friends again and complaints about being bored become less frequent. The more challenging side is the morning rush comes back into play. This includes getting up earlier, making lunches, brushing hair and the never-ending battle of what to wear.

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Black & White

B:w and shoes
Black and white, does it get any easier? One of the fashion trends for this summer is wearing only black and white clothing together. This is such a simple trend to indulge in  because I’m going to bet that everyone has something black and something white in their closets already. I mixed a few combinations of recently found pieces from Goodwill with Goodwill clothing and shoes that I already had.

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