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New Store Opening!


Goodwill is opening a new store this Saturday, May 25 in Bear Valley! I took a few photos of what is waiting for you. The store opens at 8:00, so get there early. . . and you better make it really early, if you want to be one of the first in line! The new store is in The Bear Valley Shopping Center at 3100 S. Sheridan Blvd. There will be food and prizes throughout the day and . . . Club Blue members get to enter an additional drawing to win a $25 gift card!



There are a ton of shoes for women, men and children. These just happened to catch my eye . . . Lauren, Cole Haan, and Coach!


Day to Night with One Skirt


Have you ever had to go to multiple events in one day and wished that you had time to change your clothes to suit the event better? Well, I found one perfect piece to make three different looks out of.  This simple black pleated skirt can take you from daytime at the office, to happy hour, and on to dinner and a night out. The secret? Elastic waist! Yes, the skirt must have an elastic waist. And with that one thing that is usually a fashion faux pas, you can have three different outfits. It is also obviously very helpful if the skirt is longer, falling below the knee.

DAYTIME: Wear the skirt at your hips. Put on a longer shirt, or a tunic, that is fitted towards the bottom. Then add a long, bold necklace.

DRINKS: Wear the waist of the skirt under your arms with the same daytime shirt and belt it at the waist. No necklace is necessary for this look.

DINNER/OUT: Again, wear the skirt under your arms, but without the shirt. You suddenly have a strapless mini-dress! Put a cool belt around your waist and add a blazer or small, structured jacket with it. Add a longer necklace again, but make sure it is not too bold and doesn’t compete with your belt.

And there you have it—three totally different outfits from one simple piece. You are probably wondering where in the world you are going to find an elastic waist skirt these days. Hint: Goodwill!


Early Cinco


I’m two days early, but you might need time to prepare—I know I did! This skirt and top set is fairly appropriate for Cinco de Mayo festivities, wouldn’t you say? I love the bright colors, and the intricate neck and hem line. It’s really striking, and although you can’t see it, this set looks great with the white and black striped belt that I paired it with. The belt almost made it every day street-ready for me . . . almost!

Since you still have two days to get ready, you can find some delicious looking Cinco de Mayo recipes here. And what would the day be without Mexican inspired drinks? Bon Appetite has 19 for you to choose from here. Now, you might not come across these more than perfect cactus margarita glasses that I discovered, but Goodwill has a great selection of unique and classic glassware for you to choose from. And…just FYI, the Thornton Goodwill store had 6 more of these glasses two days ago. Hurry!

Have a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo!


A Little More Warmth


I came across this photo and it reminded me how beautiful this skirt is and that it’s finally time to break it out! Bright blue with cherry red flowers, it’s so perfect for our little mini heat wave. The skirt and the go-with-anything jacket are from the Goodwill on Leetsdale. The three-strap heels and the super chunky wood and gold necklace are from Deja Blue. Baby, it’s warm outside!


If You’re Looking For . . . Summer

dresses on fence

Look no further! I can’t believe how many really cute summer dresses and skirts are at every Goodwill that I go to. This is a good time to stock up on light and simple frocks, skirts and shorts. Don’t wait until the heat is unbearable—the selection is amazing right now! And as summer inches closer, other proactive shoppers might beat you to the dresses that should have been yours!


First Birthday Sale at Deja Blue!


Deja Blue is turning one! Tomorrow, April 13th, come and celebrate the birthday of Goodwill’s boutique with a huge birthday sale! Receive a discount on every purchase made—up to 40% off! Also, enter the drawing for a Goodwill gift card and don’t forget your party favor with purchase.

Deja Blue has designer name brands and fashion forward clothing and accessories for women and men. If you haven’t had a chance to get to Deja Blue, tomorrow is a must go! I have a feeling if you visit once, you will for sure go back.

Deja 5

Deja Blue has a large assortment of designer and trendy jeans in many sizes for you to shop from. And after you’re done creating new spring outfits for yourself, make sure to get something unique for your home too.

Deja Frames

Make sure to check out the jewelry and other accessories on this very cool wall of frames!

diane Von Furst

Designer brands, like this Diane Von Furstenberg dress, are every day finds at Deja Blue.


A Touch of Red

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Do you know what you’re going to wear?  Do you go all out, and end up looking like a cherry lollipop, or maybe cupid? Or do you sway to the other side of the spectrum and wear all black to protest the holiday? I think most people fall in the middle somewhere—they dress in their regular attire, but they make sure to wear their red or pink cardigan to show that they are aware it’s Valentine’s Day. I prefer the more subtle approach myself.


This is classic but with an edge of cuteness. In my world, Valentine’s Day falls more under the cute category since it is celebrated by kids and grandparents too. Cute covers everyone, and who says cute can’t be alluring? Everything worn in these photos is from Goodwill except for the cute white tights.

Vday vest

This red and pink vest, also so cute. But what makes it extra Valentine’sy is the lace collar buttoned to the top. It’s just so tantalizing and innocent at the same time!

dotted line

DIY Heart String Art @Vintage Revivals

Now if what you’re going to wear is the least of your worries (as in you haven’t done anything else to prepare for tomorrow), check out All Things Thrifty for some great Valentine ideas that are quick, cheap and crafty.





Miss Kentucky Juinor Teen America Shops Goodwill

I love that a young girl in Kentucky is taking advantage of shopping at Goodwill for her pageant wear. First, as we all know, it is so important to fit it when you are fourteen and shopping at thrift stores can have a negative stigma attached. I love the fact that she is so excited about her finds and willing to go on the local news and gush about how much she loves Goodwill shopping. (A girl after my own heart) Secondly, pageants are very expensive, and being able to offset some costs by shopping at Goodwill is genius. I see (and buy) beautiful suits there all the time, and in fact have come across some pageant dresses as well. Goodwill is also a great cause for our youth to understand and support. I’m not certain that Goodwill shopping is her “platform”, but that would be a really great one. No generic “world peace” here, but a practical and useful platform that is fun to promote.
So do some shopping at Goodwill, all the cool kids are doing it!

**I just have to say that I think her accent is the cutest sound ever, and the fact that she is wearing her orthadontic rubber bands on her braces during a news segment is just about the sweetest!

Customer Spotlight

*In the video I said Mossimo but I meant Missoni shoes!

Rozlyn is a first time Goodwill customer who was looking for a new work wardrobe on a budget. We found an entire work ready wardrobe for under $100.00.
Here was the breakdown:
1 wrap dress $5.99
1 Christian Dior (I Know!) coat $12.99
1 Ladies Sweater $4.99
1 Banana Republic Shirt $4.99
2 Blazers $4.99
2 Pair of pants $4.99
1 Pair of Missoni for Target Pumps $10.99 *I said Mossimo in the video, but I meant Missoni
1 Skirt $3.99
1 Blazer (New with Tags) $19.99
We tried to keep everything in a basic color palette of black, white, taupe and brown. It sounds a little boring, but everything can be mixed and matched to create a wardrobe that is functional and beautiful as most importantly affordable!

When Decor meets Fashion

As I was looking around the internet the other day I came across this photo of a staircase.  I kept thinking…hmmm…what does that remind me of?   My JCrew skirt I thrifted at Goodwill a few months ago, that’s what!  I’m not sure why I have a mental list of thrifted items, but apparently I do.  Don’t you just love when decor and fashion intertwine? Me too.  It’s time to head out and see what else I can find.  What have you found lately?