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Sneaky Peaky

I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the Brand New Fort Morgan Goodwill store!  It opens this Saturday May 14th.  You better be first in line because there are some amazing treasures awaiting.   To celebrate, ALL Denver area Goodwill stores will be 50% OFF this Saturday!   Don’t miss out!

Soooo light, bright, clean and organized…..I can’t wait!

Easter Parade

I gathered some childrens clothing from Goodwill.  I found some really adorable dresses and little boys suits…..The yellow dress on the left is vintage, probably from the 50′s or 60′s.  It had a clothing union tag inside.  (Made in the USA)  I love the idea of dressing up for Easter or Passover.  Does anyone do that anymore?  I wish they would…. Shopping at Goodwill makes your Easter Parade fashionable AND affordable!


The Breton Shirt is The Must Have  Piece this season. It was originally a uniform piece for the French Navy, and has been a wardrobe powerhouse ever since.   It is a great staple to add to any wardrobe!  Go to Goodwill and see if you can find one or two for your closet!

Rock the Red Jeans this Season!

I did a little math for you…The outfit on the left from In Style magazine will set you back $1,262.00.  The outfit on the right is a bargain at $769.00.  The good news is that I put together very similar outfits with brand name substitutes for the fashionista working within a reasonable budget for under $40.00.  I saved you $1,222.oo.  You’re welcome.  Feel free to send me a check.

All We Are Saaayiing….Is Give Goooodwill a Chaaaance!

I love the idea that you can buy a maxi dress from Goodwill, put a t-shirt with it, add a piece of leather for a headband, put a wildflower in your hair, and you have the most adorable iconic look for Halloween (or anytime). Love Child, Hippie Chic, 70′s girl. You can call it what you like, I call it adorable, fashionable, frugal and FUN!

Trend of the Week: Super Soft

Don’t you just love your comfy clothes? I LOVE clothes that feel like a warm fuzzy hug.  Or that feeling of a knit shirt that has made it through years of washing and is being held together by threads.  The paper-thin t-shirt is a great example of this trend -  I hope it joins the clothing world forever!

For this week’s trend, I pulled anytime clothes that are “oh-so-soft.”  All of these items are being held this week for our trend of the week email subscribers, but they’ll be back on the rack on Saturday if you want to purchase, so come and get them while they’re hot!  Side note: to subscribe to Goodwill’s trend of the week email, just click here.

First up, a rockin’ Janis Joplin tee.  It is almost gauzy it’s so soft and wonderful.  It is a great memorabilia shirt and so fitting for it’s aged and worn look.  This is made by Bob Masse Studios for $3.49. Size small.

Cachet is one of my favorite stores.  Their clothes are fun, classy and chic. This dress is so thin it’s almost a whisper on you, and is a knit rayon blend.  From the pattern, you wouldn’t suspect it was stretchy and silken soft. I love Cachet, but it is expensive.  And being a thrifter, I await times when I see their clothing hit the thrift stores (which is rare).  These dresses typically start at about $80.00.  This beauty is a mere $6.99. Size: medium.

Simple, sleek and another softie, this shirt has just a little bit of femininity with the small ruffles at the shoulder.  Another rayon and knit blend, this just wraps around the body so nicely and the color is very unique.  Eggplant is supposed to be in this fall, and this shirt can be great for going to a casual event. Express, size Medium.  $3.49.

Hollister is such a fun brand.  The shirt below looks like it’s regular cotton, but I can tell you, it is pajama soft.  The coral color, goes great with a little sunny glow.  This shirt is great for a long torso, very flattering.  Size medium, $3.49.

Black can be worn by anyone.  J Crew does this tissue hoodie right, as usual. Size large, priced at $3.49.

I need to find entire outfits that feels as wonderful and soft as what I found at the Archer Goodwill!

Rebellious T-Shirts

People often use clothing as a form of self-expression, and t-shirts are perfect for self-expression because they come in such great variety.  From embracing the latest trends to going retro, it seems like there is a t-shirt for everyone these days.  A lot of people use sarcastic t-shirts to put forth a little bit of their personality.  I personally went through a stage where I had a ton of relatively rebellious shirts.

You can definitely still find shirts that will make a statement at your local thrift store.   A lot of these might be a little risqué, but they are still fun and I can think of tons of different uses for them.

The first shirt would be perfect for a husband during a Halloween event. It’s  a little kooky, but it’s fun too.

You probably don’t want to wear this to a meeting with your boss, but I can see teen boys loving this one:

This shirt is a little hard to understand, until you take a further look.  It shows a picture of a city in disrepair being healed with nature, flowers and other living organisms.  It says the earth is hungry.  This shirt makes a statement, and is perfect weekend wear for green chic Colorado.

Love this one. Simple, and cute. (Also reminds me of Bart Simpson a little).

A few retro style t-shirts – what was old is new again!

It might be fun to have a theme party where everyone would wear their favorite statement t-shirts. What a good way to get to know people without even having to talk to them!

Good day at the Goodwill 50% off sale

Bragging rights!  I brag when I can about my fantastic finds.  Today is going to summarize my superb additions to my wardrobe from my great shopping trip at the half off Goodwill sale!

1.  Ralph Lauren wayfarer like sunglasses.  $3, normally go for at least $100. I LOVE this type of sunglasses.  I really didn’t think Polo sunglasses went for that much!

2.  Guess knit long sleeve shirt  off white and soft and just a few sparkles.  I got it for $2.50, and I know it would normally go for at least $30.

3.  Enzo Angiolini Slides, normally over $50. I got them for $3!  I love Enzo’s shoes, and he definitely has fashion and comfort in mind with this lovely pair.

4.  True Religion jeans, normally at least $120 – I got ‘em for $2.50. The  zipper needs to be fixed, but that’s not hard. I’m not even sure they’ve ever been worn. (I need to get to the tailor NOW!!)

5.  Coach Slide sandals, so comfy and cute in black! These normally go for over $90. Only $10 for me.

6.  Cuoieria Fiorentina Italian Leather purse. This brand is extremely popular in Italy, but we here in the USA are not very aware of the label. Normally this might go for over $100 USD, and I got it for $5.00.  I love the fact that I now own an obscure purse from Italy.  Brand new, I could smell the leather on it!  Mmmmm…nothing like the smell of leather couture for a low price…

Yard Sale purchase wins: (I had to hit a few, and one was a block wide sale, which is where I scored even further!)

1.   Black House White Market faux fur/suede off white coat.  LOVELY!!  Feels wonderful on.  Normally over $120, they were asking $20, I offered and got it for $5.00,  I feel rich and luxurious in it.  And fall is just around the corner….cough, cough!  Not here yet though!

2.  Broncos T-shirt, I’m not much of a sports freak, but I do want to sport supportive clothing when I attend a game.  This was pretty interesting, because I was purchasing it from an ex-Broncos Cheerleader!  She had never worn it because she had so much other Broncos paraphernalia. So I now have an original Tee that was made for a Broncos Cheerleader! Cute!

What I purchased this weekend would have cost me over $520 if I had bought everything brand new.  Instead, I spent a whopping $32!  What a savings, and I’m so in love with what I purchased, I can’t wait to go out and sport my new garb!  See why I’m bragging?  I know, you’re jealous!

Tissue T-shirts

Tissue t-shirts are a trend that don’t seem to be fading out any time soon.  I am an enormous fan of these soft, barely there shirts.  Long sleeve, short sleeve, sweater, tank, you name it I LOVE it.  The softer the better.  Who doesn’t like wearing a hug?

I found a plentiful amount of very tasteful tissue t’s in Goodwill.  I didn’t NEED all of them, but some were just too cute not to mention.

J Crew always knows how to look classic and comfortable.  $3.49 is a nice price for this blue breezy shirt with an eclectic shell type of embroidery on it.

Long sleeves are the best layering shirts or worn alone.  This crinkled shirt is soft and artsy, and with the aqua background colors make it a great shirt to wear in spring or fall.

The Limited perfected the tissue sweater, and this makes a great top to go over a shell.  The soft pink is versatile enough to be worn throughout many seasons.

The GO Jeans sparkle shirt was something I just couldn’t let go.  It’s fancy, light and warm.  This was an addition to my personal wardrobe.

Animal prints or pictures?  This Asian style shirt has great art on it and is definitely a talking piece for any outfit.

I loved that Forever Twenty One put rhinestones in the eyes of this tiger face, making it really stick out. Again, at $3.49, it’s a great shirt to wear!

I decided to see what new tissue shirts were going for, and went to the mall.

At a brand name designer store that will remain anonymous, I found a fancy, short-sleeved tissue T-shirt.  Price is $60.00!  My mouth dropped, as it is a rare occasion I actually do any shopping at the mall.  Oh, man, I am ONLY purchasing tissue t-shirts at a thrift store!

I found a long sleeve tissue t at J Crew and this time, it was on sale for $13.00.  this is still over 3 times more than what I paid for myself.

And then, the last find, was a sequin sweater, in the same tissue soft cloth sweater that the Limited had was a mere $168.00.  Ummm…$168.00?  I think I’ll stick to being a thrifter.