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Game Day


It’s game day on Thrifting Denver. I was at Goodwill the other day and I decided to take a look at the game and toy section—I found so many fun-looking games, I just had to get a couple.


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Go Back in Time this Halloween

flapper costume
Flapper costumes are always a cute and not super difficult costume to put together. The most challenging part is finding the dress, which is actually easier than you think if you think beyond the typical flapper dress with the tiers of fringe. That’s not the only kind of dress they wore in the roaring twenties. Take a look at these twenties dresses here and then go to Goodwill this Saturday to find your flapper costume for 50% off—practically everything in the store will be half-off!


The key to your flapper costume being a success is accessories. You can’t go wrong with long strands of beads and I found plenty of them at the Stapleton Goodwill.

Gold dress:  $8.99
Hat with black sequin broach: $4.99
Gold heels:  $8.99
Strands of beads: $2.99 each


Noisy Old Scary Things


Check out these vintage, metal Halloween toys! How refreshing is it to see a toy that is not made out of plastic? And not only are they not made out plastic, but they are just simple noise making toys without a thousand buttons and sounds . . . and the most amazing difference—no batteries!


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day one

All this week, I’ll be showing you Halloween costumes that you can put together just by taking a few minutes at Goodwill… and all of the costumes I put together are just from visiting two stores! Super fast, super easy!


If you have no idea about what you want to dress up as, just find one piece and then use your imagination to shape that piece into a unique costume. You will be surprised with what you come up with!


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Dress Up for Halloween with Goodwill!


This Saturday is 50% off day! Get a jump start on your Halloween costume at Goodwill this weekend and get half-off of their already crazy low prices. You don’t need to buy a ready-made costume—Goodwill has tons of pieces you can put together to make a costume that is unique to you.

Make sure to check the blog every day next week—I’ll be showing you more Halloween costumes that I put together using clothing and accessories only from Goodwill!


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Radio 1190: Reception Room Remodel


Yesterday I showed you the remodel of the main lounge area of CU Boulder’s radio station, Radio 1190. Today, I have the reception room! Except for the antique radio and office chair (which are great additions that 1190 already had), this room was completely redecorated in Goodwill furniture.


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DIY: Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pops

I saw a version of this tasty ice cream pop on Pinterest and told myself not to make them. But . . . I obviously didn’t listen. Ever since I was a kid, I have a severe weakness when it comes to ice cream and peanut butter mixed together. So this is the ultimate treat if you ask me.


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Back to School!

Back to school time often comes with mixed emotions. On the good side, kids are excited to see their friends again and complaints about being bored become less frequent. The more challenging side is the morning rush comes back into play. This includes getting up earlier, making lunches, brushing hair and the never-ending battle of what to wear.

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DIY: Summer Birthday Terrariums


Kids go to a million birthday parties by the time they get into middle school. Coming up with activities for these parties isn’t always the easiest thing to do since most of the ideas have already been done throughout the years.

With all of the popularity around terrariums this last year, I thought that would be a cool activity that doubles as a party favor for a birthday party. Goodwill is a great place to get activity supplies for birthday parties, they may not all be the same . . . but variety is so much more interesting anyway!

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It’s Cow Day!

You know there is a national day for about everything you can think of right? Well luckily, someone or many someones, felt that cows deserve to have their own day as much as a rubber eraser does (you can appreciate those on April 5). So in honor of all the cows past, present and future, I’m wearing my Goodwill cow t-shirt today. Why? . . . because July 12 is Cow Appreciation Day! By the way, my cow shirt also doubles as my Goodwill chicken t-shirt—two days covered with one shirt!

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