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Fall Décor: A Pumpkin Project

Hi, everyone! Allison here again. I’m excited to be sharing another DIY post with you from my blog. Fall is my favorite season of the year, and I love decorating my house with all the warm colors. I recently found this great fake pumpkin at the Thornton Goodwill for $1.99—a steal when craft store prices are much higher.


I wanted my new pumpkin to have a little flair, so I spray painted it gold and used a paint pen to Monogram an ‘A’ on it. It looks great with the rest of my porch decorations!





Looking Forward

Time to look forward . . . forward to the holidays and the festivities that come along with these holidays. This red velvet dress is so striking and so perfect to wear all season long—and it only cost $9.99. It’s one of those dresses that you can’t go wrong with, it looks great casual or fancy. You could wear it to basically any function you have this fall or winter, even if that function is just going to a coffeehouse.


By adding a chunky or large necklace, sheer tights and some simple heels, this dress is ready for all of your elegant winter affairs.


These riding boots by Justin take the vintage velvet dress in another direction with their complimentary coloring and low-heel. I got them at the Archer Goodwill for $19.99. You can easily wear this combo for everyday—any day!

Have a great weekend!


Go Back in Time this Halloween

flapper costume
Flapper costumes are always a cute and not super difficult costume to put together. The most challenging part is finding the dress, which is actually easier than you think if you think beyond the typical flapper dress with the tiers of fringe. That’s not the only kind of dress they wore in the roaring twenties. Take a look at these twenties dresses here and then go to Goodwill this Saturday to find your flapper costume for 50% off—practically everything in the store will be half-off!


The key to your flapper costume being a success is accessories. You can’t go wrong with long strands of beads and I found plenty of them at the Stapleton Goodwill.

Gold dress:  $8.99
Hat with black sequin broach: $4.99
Gold heels:  $8.99
Strands of beads: $2.99 each


Dress You Up

Sixties GoGo Dancer

This is a fairly easy costume to put together. Get a short dress with a mod design on it like the ones below and pair it with gogo boots or chunky heels. A pair of large hoop earrings will really add to the look and don’t forget to do your hair and makeup! This is a very important part of the sixties look. If you need some sixties makeup assistance, check out this tutorial here.

Dress: $5.99
GoGo boots: $9.99
Vintage white purse: $4.99


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day five

Halloween words0

Today is the last day of Thrifting Denver’s week in costumes from Goodwill, but I will have a few more ideas for you in the next couple of weeks before Halloween!


Era costumes, especially anything to do with the sixties, seventies or eighties are always a good go to, and luckily, they are super easy to put together. You will also most likely have use for them again since they are a popular year round party theme.


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day three . . . kids!

Halloween words0

The best place to find unique costumes for Halloween is definitely Goodwill. And that goes for kid’s costumes too! This Saturday is half-off at all Denver Goodwills so make sure to get there early to get your Halloween goodies!


I found this dress at the Goodwill Outlet World, so it cost me almost nothing! I paired it with a stick I had at home (a shephard’s hook would be even more excellent), red boots and a sheep of course!


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Dress Up for Halloween with Goodwill!


This Saturday is 50% off day! Get a jump start on your Halloween costume at Goodwill this weekend and get half-off of their already crazy low prices. You don’t need to buy a ready-made costume—Goodwill has tons of pieces you can put together to make a costume that is unique to you.

Make sure to check the blog every day next week—I’ll be showing you more Halloween costumes that I put together using clothing and accessories only from Goodwill!


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july 4thwords1
Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July holiday!

If you’re looking for something to do until the barbecues and fireworks start — go thrift shopping! Bring your contribution to your Independence Day celebration on a dish or in a vase from Goodwill, and then leave it for your hosts as a ‘thank you for hosting’ gift. And luckily, Denver Goodwills are open until 6 pm today!4thflowers2

DIY . . . Chalk Wine Glasses

Last week, I explained how to make a cool and unique chalkboard out of a used frame from Goodwill here. Today, I have another project that you can use the leftover chalkboard spray paint on—wine glasses! Instead of using wine charms on your glasses to keep your party guests from mixing up their drinks, just have them write their name on them! Goodwill has plenty of wine glasses for you to get crafty on if you don’t want to paint your best glassware.
• wine glasses from Goodwill (matching glasses optional)
• chalkboard spray paint
• plastic bag
• masking tape
• chalk
Make a hole in the bottom of your plastic bag that is big enough to put the stem of the wine glass through. Place the bag about 1/4 inch up the stem from the base, twist the bag to fit tightly and then tape onto the stem (photo above). You want the straight edge of the tape to be your paint line, the bag is just to prevent paint from getting on the rest of the glass.
While holding the glass in one hand, spray the exposed base of the glass with the chalkboard spray paint. A few quick sprays is all it needs. Just make sure it’s evenly coated in paint. Place the wine glass on a newspaper to dry. After it is completely dry, remove the bag and tape (you may have to use scissors to cut the tape off).
And you’re done! Have your guests write their name or draw a picture on their glass and you will never again hear one of the most asked questions at every party I’ve ever gone to:  “Which glass is mine?”  . . . and don’t forget the chalk!

Tip: I would refrain from putting these in the dishwasher. I’ve never tried it, but I think the paint might wear off. If you want to experiment with the dishwasher, let me know how it goes!