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Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect

These days, we all walk around with cameras in our phones, snapping photos and instantly posting them for our friends and family to see. Goodwill offers us a chance to take a step back and remember photography’s past. Photos let us glimpse into history and allow us to see the world through a different lens. Goodwill is a great place for anyone with a love of photography to stock up on unique cameras, books, décor, and more. You can get a lot of flash, for little cash.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_1

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_2

Vintage cameras have themselves become works of art. They look great on bookshelves or can be easily made into fantastic nightlights.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_3

This framed Ansel Adams photo is a steal at $6.99. Plus, the tag is green, which means this Saturday, January 25, it will be only 99 cents!

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_4

Take your photo album offline with these stylish frames and brand new photo books, ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 each.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_5

There’s a huge difference between a snapshot and a photograph. Learn how to shoot like a pro or find inspiration in others’ work through books found at Goodwill.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_6

I found this antique flash unit in its original box and complete with bulb. I love that it has a “Built-in Kal-Q-Lator,” whatever that means!

You never know what treasures you’ll come across at Goodwill. Exploring the shelves with a theme like photography in mind is a fun way to thrift. Knowing that Goodwill is focused on improving our community makes it even better.

‘Precious Cargo’ Themed Baby Shower

There is perhaps nothing more exciting to me than to celebrate dear friends in their life adventures, be it a new job, a marriage proposal, or… a new baby! Michael and Marianna will welcome a baby boy in April so, naturally, I was elated to co-host a party to celebrate them as new parents and welcome baby Sean! The thing about baby showers is that it’s incredibly easy to spend a LOT of money, but you don’t need to with the help of trusty old Goodwill!

Precious Cargo invite found on

Michael and Mari live in Italy and travel often throughout Europe (and beyond) for work or to come home to Colorado to visit us. The theme of “Precious Cargo” came to us pretty quickly knowing that baby Sean has already traveled to 12 countries en utero! We found this free online invitation on Paperless Post.

Welcome baby banner made from maps from #GoodwillDenver

Our ‘welcome baby’ banner was made from maps found in travel books at Goodwill, cut into triangles, and strung up with red and white twine that almost looks like the old air-mail graphics. These banners sell on ebay for $15-20 each… we made our three tiered version for about $4.

Precious Cargo themed baby shower complete with vintage luggage, international currency, and repurposed maps and books found at #GoodwillDenver.

We created a wishing tree for guests to share their wishes and dreams for baby (and traveling with baby advice for mom and dad!)

Vintage suitcases found at #GoodwillDenver used as table decor.

We found the vintage suitcase at Goodwill for $4.99 and decoupaged the inside with pieces of the same maps we used for the banner!

Unique champagne flute from #GoodwillDenver used in a unique way!

Check out this beautiful, vintage champagne flute (only 99 cents) we found at Goodwill! We love repurposing items in a unique way.

Mix and match different china patterns from plates found at #GoodwillDenver to create a beautiful, vintage look for any celebration!

Mix and match a variety of china plates from #GoodwillDenver to make a beautiful, vintage collection and add interest to any party

To add even more of a vintage feel, we collected a variety of patterns of china plates from Goodwill to create a unique collection. The result was beautiful and totally complemented the mom-to-be’s bohemian chic style!

Cupcakes/maps - baby shower

Decorate with old maps from #GoodwillDenver

We found use in all of our maps… cupcake wraps and toppers, scattered decor throughout the house for guests to peruse, and even gift wrap.

Mike and Mari

It was a true pleasure to shower such deserving parents with love. We can’t wait to meet baby Sean and hear of all of his travel adventures! Thanks to Erin Robinson – an amazing mom and thrifty party planner – for contributing her craftiness (and home) to this party and post.

Goodwill Roadshow: He’s Comin’ To Town

The jolly guy from the North Pole will be very busy next Wednesday night, but do you know Santa’s real history? Old St. Nick comes in many shapes and sizes, many of which can be found in the aisles of Goodwill. Check out what I found at the Goodwill in Fort Collins. There were so many Santas to choose from, and they were all less than $5 a piece!


This Santa figurine is real old school. The story of St. Nicholas actually dates back to 280 A.D. (REALLY old school) in what is now Turkey. He gave up his fortune to wander the country helping the poor and the sick. It is unclear where Rudolph was at this time.


Here’s a great antique glass Santa Claus. Santa is especially popular in Holland, where he is known as Sinterklaas. He arrives each year on a boat from Spain. He gives nice children gifts in their shoes (I’d choose some giant wooden clogs), and takes naughty children back to Spain. Hey, what’s wrong with Spain?


Here’s a great music box featuring a more modern-day Santa preparing for his big day.


There’s also the long-lost legend of the super-skinny twin Santa brothers who carry giant candles on their heads.


Finally, here’s the Santa Claus I grew up anxiously waiting for on Christmas Eve. Despite his varied pasts and methods, Santa remains one of the world’s most beloved characters. Head to your neighborhood Goodwill and see what Santas you can find! Oh, and don’t forget the milk and cookies!


Goodwill Roadshow: A “Sweet” Deal

Travis here. Okay, my cooking skills amount to making grilled cheese sandwiches and pressing a few buttons on the microwave, but my wife absolutely loves being in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. So when I saw this vintage cookie press at Goodwill’s Stapleton store, I knew she would be delighted (and I figured she just might share a cookie or two).


This is a Mirro cooky (yes, “cooky”) and pastry press and decorator set from the late 1950′s/early 1960′s. I love the package design and the company’s slogan: “The Finest Aluminum.” I’ve never really considered the quality of my aluminum before. The product is also stamped with the Good Housekeeping guarantee of quality. I see these sets on eBay going for $50. At Goodwill? $2.99. Beautiful.


My favorite part of this find is the direction and recipe book. Laura Wilson, the Home Economics Director (does that position still exist?) of the Mirro test kitchen, tells me that I “will enjoy many compliments on the clever cookies, donuts, and pastries” and that I will be “a fancy cooky or donut artist on the very first try.” I still can’t get over the use of “cooky” throughout the recipe book. I think I’ll spell it that way from now on.


Despite Ms. Wilson’s claims, I required my wife’s assistance to figure this out. It’s slightly more complicated to use than my trusty microwave. She flipped through the recipe book and selected “Quick-mix Spritz,” gathered the ingredients, assembled a few parts, and in no time at all, we had a jump on our holiday treats.


It turns out that the basic setup is almost identical to a cookie press my wife already uses, made of “the finest plastic.” Still, it was fun to see how Mirro Aluminum Company’s basic design has remained unchanged for decades. A simple trip to Goodwill gave us a fun look back to a different era (with a price to match), along with some very tasty treats.


Being Lazy


I thought this vintage Lazy Susan was a pretty excellent find. I love using them to  entertain or when I have a lot of condiments to serve. Like if you’re having chili and everybody likes different toppings on their chili—this is perfect for placing all of the different toppings in. Or you can put a dip in the dish with the lid and fill the other dishes with veggies and crackers.


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Game Day


It’s game day on Thrifting Denver. I was at Goodwill the other day and I decided to take a look at the game and toy section—I found so many fun-looking games, I just had to get a couple.


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Let the Light In


It’s getting darker earlier, which means time for my lamps to work a little harder. And time for me to add a couple of lamps to the dark corners of my house that I didn’t get around to doing last winter.

Goodwill always has a great selection of lamps to choose from. I found the above matching, contemporary lamps at the South Broadway Goodwill for $8.99 each—and they were in perfect condition!


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Goodwill and dishes and glassware go hand in hand. If you enjoy spicing up your dinner parties or celebrations as much as I do, then a trip to Goodwill is in order.

These pink champagne glasses are really unique and are great from drinking from or for adding decor to your table by putting fruit or tiny meringue cookies in. This idea and the following photos would all be beautiful for a baby or bridal shower.


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Revive an Old Bookshelf

bookshelf 1

An easy way to add life and interest to a room in your house is to add a bookshelf. Not only are they great looking but they are incredibly useful! The least expensive way to add this new interest to your room is by getting a bookshelf at Goodwill and refinishing it to your taste. I found these two metal shelves at Goodwill a couple of years ago. When I got them they were a dingy gray metal and fairly unattractive, but I couldn’t pass them up for $9.99 each.


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Come On In!

Today’s post is a little reminiscent of something you might see at a flea market. I came across all of these cool, flea market-esque things at Goodwill and thought they would look good together. I love thrifting, so of course a day at the flea market is dreamy to me. Whenever I travel, I look forward to shopping and finding new treasures. I always visit a couple of Goodwills if they are in the area and I always try to find a flea market. Here is a list of The 10 Best Flea Market in the World.

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