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Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect

These days, we all walk around with cameras in our phones, snapping photos and instantly posting them for our friends and family to see. Goodwill offers us a chance to take a step back and remember photography’s past. Photos let us glimpse into history and allow us to see the world through a different lens. Goodwill is a great place for anyone with a love of photography to stock up on unique cameras, books, décor, and more. You can get a lot of flash, for little cash.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_1

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_2

Vintage cameras have themselves become works of art. They look great on bookshelves or can be easily made into fantastic nightlights.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_3

This framed Ansel Adams photo is a steal at $6.99. Plus, the tag is green, which means this Saturday, January 25, it will be only 99 cents!

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_4

Take your photo album offline with these stylish frames and brand new photo books, ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 each.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_5

There’s a huge difference between a snapshot and a photograph. Learn how to shoot like a pro or find inspiration in others’ work through books found at Goodwill.

Goodwill Roadshow: Picture Perfect_6

I found this antique flash unit in its original box and complete with bulb. I love that it has a “Built-in Kal-Q-Lator,” whatever that means!

You never know what treasures you’ll come across at Goodwill. Exploring the shelves with a theme like photography in mind is a fun way to thrift. Knowing that Goodwill is focused on improving our community makes it even better.

Holiday Organization 101

Don’t worry, there won’t be a test. Though, sometimes the stress and chaos of the holidays are enough to test anyone’s patience! In my mind, a happy holiday is an organized holiday, so keep your holiday decor as simple and stress-free with these great DIY displays.

My family has a tradition of collecting rare and unique ornaments. In fact, we’ve collected so many over the years that we often don’t have room for all of them on the tree. That’s why this simple centerpiece is so great! It allows you to display all those great ornaments or holiday items that you wouldn’t otherwise have room for, all in one place. And it’s a great way to hold on to those cherished memories, spark a conversation, and liven up your table with something truly special and unique.

Display your one of a kind finds this holiday with this simple project.

Display your one of a kind finds this holiday with this simple project.

Holiday cards are a great reminder of how many wonderful friends and memories we’ve made throughout the year, but they can also clutter up your home quickly, leaving you feeling buried under a pile of torn envelopes and well wishes. To avoid this clutter catastrophe, you can display your cards by using this great ribbon board found at the Goodwill location at Archer and Broadway. The bold fabric lends a nice contrast of pattern and color, and the ribbon holds your cards safely in place without them being damaged by pushpin holes.

Preserve your holiday memories this season with a ribbon board!

Preserve your holiday memories this season with a ribbon board!

All items shown (minus the cookies!) were found at Goodwill!

Daily Dose of DIY

Hi, everyone!

As your resident queen of all things organization, I thought I’d share this great DIY project for creating a weeknight dinner menu. This will help keep you on a budget when grocery shopping, and it will also help keep your pantry organized.

Here’s what you’ll need: a paint brush, some chalk paint, and a flat surface to paint!

DIY chalkboard

One thing that Goodwill and I have in common is a passion for upcycling. I took an old dry erase cork board that I had and repurposed it into my menu planner! I used some chalkboard paint to create a unique space where I can keep track of what I want to make for dinner each night as well as what I might need to have on hand for each recipe!

Menu planning

You can find great items like this at any Goodwill. With a small budget and some spare time, you can quickly and easily turn your pantry from messy to marvelous!


Cozy Soft Touches


There’s a chill in the air, and it’s making me want to cozi-fy my house. One of the ways I do this is by changing out a few of my many pillows on my couches, chairs and bed. I’m a huge pusher of mixing patterns and textures when it comes to accessories—it really adds interest to a room.


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Radio 1190: Studio Remodel


The final room Goodwill furnished was the studio of the station. This is where the student DJ’s mix and play the music for the station, they also interview local and visiting bands and musicians that are playing in the Denver/Boulder area.


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Radio 1190: Reception Room Remodel


Yesterday I showed you the remodel of the main lounge area of CU Boulder’s radio station, Radio 1190. Today, I have the reception room! Except for the antique radio and office chair (which are great additions that 1190 already had), this room was completely redecorated in Goodwill furniture.


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Your Happy Place

Sometimes being at college can make you miss the comforts of home . . . like your bed!
Seeing as you or your student will be using the bed a lot to study on, hang out with friends, watch TV, and hopefully, actually get some sleep on—make sure it is as comfy and welcoming as possible.

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Amazing Deals!

bluechair 1
This Saturday get half-off of almost everything at Goodwills in the Denver area. Blue Saturdays are my favorite because you get serious great deals for even less! Here a few of the great deals I found on just a quick trip through only one store!

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