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DIY: Repurpose a Side Table into a Plant Stand

A few weeks ago, I came across this vintage side table/magazine rack. I really wanted to get it, but I kept picturing my grandma’s neighbor’s living room from when I was a kid. Her neighbor had this same table, and her living room was really dark and had a faint smell that I did not like much at all. I got it anyway and decided that if I gave it some paint it would transform the piece, and I could make it fit into my current house and hopefully leave that lovely memory behind.

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A Trip to Outlet World

Saturday is the Red, White and Blue Sale at Outlet World—get 10% off of your purchases which are already severely discounted! If you have never been to a Goodwill Outlet World, I highly recommend it. But . . . only if you’re into finding some very cool, unique and overlooked items for a seriously low price.

Below is a little video I made to show you how it’s done at Outlet World. It’s a different shopping experience, but I think it’s a really good time and definitely worth it!


Goodwill Outlet World Locations:

13600 E Mississippi
Aurora, CO 80012
(720) 748-3866

3155 South Platte River Drive
Englewood, CO 80010
(303) 953-3483

4355 Kearney Street
Denver , CO 80216


It’s All Good

Have you seen our new billboards around town? If you didn’t catch them when they were first put up—they’ve changed! The photos below show you the metamorphosis of the three new billboards. Also, keep your eye out for our bus ads and light-rail wrap. And remember, not only do you save lots of money and find unique items when you shop at Goodwill . . . you are also helping Coloradans in need achieve self-sufficiency, dignity and hope through the Power of Work. And that, is a truly great thing!













My Kind of World

Today, I have a little sampling of some of the cool, unique and very inexpensive things that you can get at a Goodwill Outlet World. I’ve mentioned the Outlet Worlds before, but this is a perfect time to talk about them again because this Saturday they are having a Red, White and Blue Sale! Everything at the Goodwill Outlet Worlds is sold by the pound and is super cheap already . . . add another 10% off of that and you absolutely can’t go wrong!

Since shopping at the Outlet Worlds is a different kind of shopping experience, I actually made a video to show you how to do it and what to expect. It’s like an adventure in shopping, and if you embrace it, you will leave with some fabulous stuff that cost you very little. I’ll post the video on Thursday!

Vintage typewriter. Maybe not the most useful thing anymore, but oh-so-cool displayed in the writer’s office.

I’m absolutely certain that my mom had this cookbook when I was a little kid . . . actually I think every mom on my street had it.
This is a printer’s drawer and I’ve wanted one forever. Unfortunately I didn’t get this one either! I had to ask a very nice lady who beat me to it, if I could take a photo of it . . . I love it so.

This heavy duty dining table was only $9.99!
And yes, there are bins and bins of clothing and shoes. You might have to dig a little but you will definitely find something that you like!


Easy Outdoor Centerpieces

This little quick and easy summer project is for everyone who is DIY challenged or for those who don’t have an extra couple of hours to spend on creating something from scratch.

I got these large cups and what appear to be large wine glasses at Goodwill, but I decided that the wine glasses are actually candle holders because of their size. So although mine are most likely candle holders, you can do this project with any type of glassware that has a stem.

Simply assemble the glass inside of the vase or container and then fill the gap with cut flowers of your choice. The one behind-the-scenes touch you may have to do to your centerpiece is to prop up the glassware with a paper towel or something else to get it to your desired height.

The top of the glassware should sit above the container enough that you can still see it once you have placed the flowers in it.


See how easy it is to spruce up your outdoor table with a few things from Goodwill . . . so easy! Have a great weekend!


If You’re Looking for . . . Clocks


Do you have a clock in your house? I’m not talking about the clock on your microwave or your stove, or even on your phone. I’m talking about a real, old-fashioned analog clock. If you do, it’s probably hanging on the wall in your kitchen right? Well, I actually forgot how much I like clocks and how a lot of them are almost sculpture-like. The right clock in the right space can add so much to the decor of a room.

Seeing as clocks are not as commonplace as they used to be, they have to go somewhere . . . and I’ve seen quite a few at Goodwill. I think it’s probably time that clocks make a comeback. So when you’re ready to be the trailblazer, the risk-taker, of the clock reintroduction–check out Goodwill!


New in Town




Check out these new Goodwill billboards, and stay tuned for what else might unfold. These boards are located all around town, and all of the items shown were found right here in our stores!


Big Sale Tomorrow!

Make sure to get to Goodwill tomorrow because it’s Blue Saturday! And you know what that means . . . half-off nearly everything in the stores! It’s a great time to buy summer clothes for everyone in the family and to get the essentials for outdoor summer entertaining. See you there!

Yards of Deals

This weekend is another Blue Saturday at all Denver area Goodwills. Which means that almost everything in the store is 50% off! Summer is upon us, so get ready for those backyard parties with a trip to your favorite Goodwill. They have almost everything you need for entertaining family and friends this summer.

And while you’re there, make sure to look for gifts for dad. Fathers Day is just 11 days away, and if you’re like me, you need that much notice. I never fail to procrastinate until the 10th day to buy my gift.  But you have been reminded now, so get your shopping out of the way this weekend at the Blue Saturday Sale!


Part 2: The Art of Thrift Decor

As I promised yesterday, here is more from Fernando and his exquisite apartment decorated in thrift store finds. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, here’s a recap. Fernando is an artist, stylist and an excellent thrifter. His apartment, which is located in the Denver neighborhood of Capitol Hill, is decorated in almost exclusively things he has found at Goodwill or flea markets. You can see more of his apartment here. We have a lot of photos of Fernando’s apartment today, and he will give you some thrift tips along the way.

And make sure to admire his beautiful handmade bow ties at the end of this post!

I’m a big believer in eclectic dishes. And there is no better place than Goodwill to find cool and interesting dishes. There may be only one or two of a glass or mug, but that’s all I need to add to my cabinet of diverse tableware.

I found these frames at Goodwill, they were in good condition but I didn’t care for the art that was in them. I found some prints that I liked that were similar to each other and replaced the old art with them. So easy to do and they look amazing.

living room
In small spaces it’s always smart to have furniture that can double as something else. For instance, my coffee table is also a dining table.

I found this vintage camera at a flea market, and the books and the table are from Goodwill.


Everyone should have a place to keep their keys and other things floating around in their pockets. I found this bowl with twisty legs at a Goodwill, this is an example of using your imagination to make something useful out of an odd item that you will most likely come across while thrift shopping.

The mannequin I found at a flea market a few years ago, he’s very good at holding my bow ties and necklaces from Goodwill for me.

Now I have shown you my apartment and what I do with the cool things that I find at Goodwill for my home . . . but there is a whole other side to Goodwill—clothing and fabric!

I recently started making bow ties from fabric that I have gotten at various Goodwills around Denver. They are very versatile, you can wear them around your neck as an actual bow tie, or you can wear it as a bow in your hair. A few stores in the Denver metro area are carrying them. If you want to know more about my bow ties, email Gretchen at

Thank you for spending time with me over the last couple of days, and hopefully I provided you with some inspiration for what to do with your thrift store finds. It’s been fun!