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White Out


It’s the day after Memorial Day and you know what that means . . . white, white, white! There is this little rule about not wearing white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, you know the one. Now I’m a little bit of a white-wearing rebel, but even I think twice before breaking the rule only because I hate hearing, “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to wear white before Memorial Day.” Yes, I do . . . but sometimes I just can’t wait that long, and if the weather is hot—white just seems to fit.

I have great news though, wearing all white is all the rage in 2013! If you don’t have enough white clothing and accessories, Goodwill has them for you. These Dickies pants were $4.99, and the shirt—Juicy Couture for only $3.99! The necklaces and sunglasses were all $3.99 each.

White really works for any summer occasion, even for just hanging out in a field with cows in the distant background.


Good day at the Goodwill 50% off sale

Bragging rights!  I brag when I can about my fantastic finds.  Today is going to summarize my superb additions to my wardrobe from my great shopping trip at the half off Goodwill sale!

1.  Ralph Lauren wayfarer like sunglasses.  $3, normally go for at least $100. I LOVE this type of sunglasses.  I really didn’t think Polo sunglasses went for that much!

2.  Guess knit long sleeve shirt  off white and soft and just a few sparkles.  I got it for $2.50, and I know it would normally go for at least $30.

3.  Enzo Angiolini Slides, normally over $50. I got them for $3!  I love Enzo’s shoes, and he definitely has fashion and comfort in mind with this lovely pair.

4.  True Religion jeans, normally at least $120 – I got ‘em for $2.50. The  zipper needs to be fixed, but that’s not hard. I’m not even sure they’ve ever been worn. (I need to get to the tailor NOW!!)

5.  Coach Slide sandals, so comfy and cute in black! These normally go for over $90. Only $10 for me.

6.  Cuoieria Fiorentina Italian Leather purse. This brand is extremely popular in Italy, but we here in the USA are not very aware of the label. Normally this might go for over $100 USD, and I got it for $5.00.  I love the fact that I now own an obscure purse from Italy.  Brand new, I could smell the leather on it!  Mmmmm…nothing like the smell of leather couture for a low price…

Yard Sale purchase wins: (I had to hit a few, and one was a block wide sale, which is where I scored even further!)

1.   Black House White Market faux fur/suede off white coat.  LOVELY!!  Feels wonderful on.  Normally over $120, they were asking $20, I offered and got it for $5.00,  I feel rich and luxurious in it.  And fall is just around the corner….cough, cough!  Not here yet though!

2.  Broncos T-shirt, I’m not much of a sports freak, but I do want to sport supportive clothing when I attend a game.  This was pretty interesting, because I was purchasing it from an ex-Broncos Cheerleader!  She had never worn it because she had so much other Broncos paraphernalia. So I now have an original Tee that was made for a Broncos Cheerleader! Cute!

What I purchased this weekend would have cost me over $520 if I had bought everything brand new.  Instead, I spent a whopping $32!  What a savings, and I’m so in love with what I purchased, I can’t wait to go out and sport my new garb!  See why I’m bragging?  I know, you’re jealous!

Yardsale thrilling finds

Diverting from my usual Goodwill weekly visit, I headed out with my trusty madre for some yard sales.  The spring in Colorado has been kind of rainy, so there haven’t been to many of these going on.

Saturday, it was nice and breezy, a perfect dry day for a great yard sale and there were enough for me to feel very lucky with my finds.

I do love the color white.  I also tend to spill, so I go through white clothes easily.  I found a fabulous summer pair of Guess Pants which I got for a mere $3.00.  I know these were $60.00 pants brand new, and of course I was in need of a new pair of white pants. These fit me like a glove.  I LOVE Guess clothing, but too expensive for me new.

I scored not one, but TWO Coach bags for a total of $15.00!  I am now a proud mother of two bags from this line, which is my favorite! I would guess that brand new they were at least $150 each, and even on eBay, you still couldn’t get this lucky.  I made sure it was the actual brand by checking the inside for the leather embossed piece saying it was made by Coach. My day was already made.

But I also got a square scarf, made by Carlisle in Italy.  Although I’m not familiar with pricing on square scarves, I found this brand on eBay and the lowest price they were asking is $20, but most are going for about $60.

To compliment my new tennis ball purchase, I found a very light, graphite Wilson tennis racket and cover which I got for $5.00.  My racket is a heavy hand me down.

I also got an ionic air cleaner with germ protection for my living room for $15.00.  This one retails for $230.00 at Sharper Image.  I consider that a HEALTHY savings for something I wasn’t willing to purchase brand new.  It doesn’t ever need filters!

Usually I’m not this lucky at yard sales, but Saturday happened to be quite a day full of lucky finds!