Goodwill’s Bridal Showcase

It may not be scientifically proven, but December is engagement season.  If you’re in your 20′s, just look at your news feed on Facebook, and chances are that you have a few friends who got engaged over the holidays.

If you’re a bride on a budget, or know someone who is, Goodwill Denver has a great event coming up that will help all brides save money and make their big day perfect.


Goodwill is hosting its very first Bridal Showcase event on February 22nd, 2014 at our store located at 21 S. Broadway in Denver.  At the Goodwill Bridal Showcase, you can find dresses, veils, and thrifty tips about creating a beautiful wedding for a fraction of the average price.


We will have more than 100 new and gently used bridal gowns, accessories, bridesmaid dresses, and flower girl dresses all for sale between $50 and $400. We will also have ideas for affordable and DIY wedding décor, as well as gift ideas for the newlyweds.

We hope to see you there!


Resolution Evolution

The champagne has been toasted, the countdowns are over, 2014 has arrived! So what’s your new years resolution? Maybe you’re hoping to drop a few pounds, or perhaps your goal is to get outside and be more active in the new year, maybe it’s just the opposite– maybe you want more “me time” to relax and read a book! Thrift shopping is a great place to start your resolutions off right!

 photo 1

You can find just about everything you need to tone-up in 2014 at Goodwill (except motivation, that’s always my problem!) Dumbbells, yoga mats, exercise DVD’s– you name it, you can find it for a steal at GW.

photo 5

The new year is a great time to resolve to be more active. We live in the perfect state for hiking, biking and skiing. Full disclosure, this might be my favorite Goodwill find ever–  women’s Salomon ski boats, barely worn, in my size for $24.99. I’ll admit this isn’t an everyday Goodwill find, but it’s proof that if you look, you may just find that diamond in the rough this year!


If reading and relaxing is more your style in 2014, Goodwill is the perfect place to find inexpensive, gently used books.

Best wishes for a terrific 2014, no matter what your resolution may be!

Goodwill Roadshow: Go Old School For The New Year

There’s still plenty of time to put together a fabulously vintage theme party for New Year’s Eve. Just take a quick trip to Goodwill! You can find everything you need to create a swingin’ shindig straight out of Mad Men.

Goodwill New Year's Eve Party ACCESSORIES

Check out what we found at the Goodwill store in Parker. The set of four cocktail glasses is perfect for unwinding after a long day of pitching to clients. The retro reading glasses are actually brand new. The retail tag says they’re $14.99. The Goodwill price? $3.99. That’s a deal even at 1960′s prices.

Goodwill New Year's Eve Party JACKET 1

Goodwill New Year's Eve Party JACKET 2

Ring in the new year with this beautiful jacket. It’s in perfect condition and is a steal at $5.99. It has a wonderful pattern inside and out and would go really well with a beehive and red lipstick.

Goodwill New Year's Eve Party DRESSES

Finally, we found plenty of other great vintage dresses and coats to fit any style and every budget. The only thing missing is some family, friends, some festive food and drinks, and plenty of hairspray. Happy New Year, thriftsters. Stay safe, and party like it’s 1964!

New Year, New…You?

It’s that time of year again, when everyone must bid goodbye to the old year and say hello the new one. For some of us, this is a seasonal mindset. For others, it’s a year-round commitment. For a long time, I’ve had a promise with myself that every time I get something new, I’ll look through my closet to see what I’m willing to part with to make room for the new arrival.

That top from Aunt Karen with the kittens on it that I wear once a year for someone’s ugly sweater party? That can probably go. The dress I wore on my first date with my long term boyfriend? That can stay. Your closet is a reflection of your self. If we are lucky, it goes through many evolutions. But, have you ever stopped to think about what to do with those no longer needed pieces? Where they go? How they could change someones’s life?

My commitment to this off-set philosophy is deeper than my passion for sustainability and my earnest determination to leave a small carbon footprint and live a more simple life. I know that when I donate my unworn items to Goodwill, I’m not only satisfying all those requirements, but I’m also doing something extra.

Sometimes, my donation is as simple as providing something tangible, like making room in my closet and giving somebody a cute skirt to wear. However, I prefer to think of the special ingredient my donation provides. For example, the blazer I haven’t worn since college might become the blazer that someone purchases at Goodwill and wears to their next job interview. That blazer might help give someone extra confidence and allow them the chance to present their best self (and hopefully land the job). Donating that blazer not only saved me space, but it may also have inadvertently changed the course of someone’s life and given them hope and dignity.

To me, this is what I think of when I make a donation to Goodwill, and my commitment isn’t a random New Year’s resolution, although that’s a great place to start. It’s a conscious choice that I make each and every day. So this year, when you’re getting ready to make your resolutions, put “changing someone’s life” at the top of your list and resolve to make a difference just by donating.

Holiday Cleanout

This year the holidays have been great for me.  Lots of parties and get-togethers and many late nights.   I’ve been wearing all sorts of clothes from casual to business to very dressy.

But on the day after Christmas it all hit me… my bedroom and closet were an absolute mess!  Shoes were piled up in the middle of the room and as for the closet – I don’t think anything’s gone on a hanger for the last two weeks!

cluttered closet

cluster of shoes

So, time to pick up, clean out, and transform my mess of a closet into a collection of clothes that’s more manageable and satisfying.  One of my best buddies suggested that while sorting and cleaning I look at each article of clothing and see if it passes this test:

•Do I like/am I flattered by the cut AND the fabric AND the color?
•Am I comfortable in it?
•Does it fit me right this minute (not when I lose the holiday weight)?
•Can any damage (stains or holes) be fixed?
•Can I think of more than one place I can wear it?
•Does it go with other things in my wardrobe?
•Have I worn it in the past year?

The many items that didn’t pass the test went straight to Goodwill! This means I’m helping someone less fortunate and the sweet reward is I feel good and have a new streamlined closet that makes getting dressed much, much more fun.  On to the New Year and the next round of parties!  Thanks Goodwill!

Easy New Year’s Eve Decor

New Year’s Eve, it may be the most important night of the year to have a date, tied only with Valentine’s Day.  If you’re planning a night in with a special someone, Goodwill items can make your night festive but simple.

Plates and glassware from Goodwill are an easy and affordable way to add some bling to your table.


I love these festive glasses for toasting at midnight.  They were $2.99 and brand new, still in the box!


I also love the idea of using a cute picture frame to create a tray for displaying festive food or drinks. I just slipped a piece of black paper into this frame for these glasses of sparkling apple cider.


These Waterford Crystal wine stoppers ($12) came from Goodwill’s Deja Blue Boutique in Cherry Creek. I can’t wait to use them!


Buying original artwork at Goodwill

Art doesn’t have to be expensive.  I recently bought this folk art painting by Alvaro Villamor for $46.99 at Goodwill’s e-commerce website, I love the way the rich color of the sea contrasts with the woman in the yellow dress.


Here are a few other prints I purchased at the website:




Once you find that perfect piece of art work, you have to hang it up. I found some tips on hanging art in Elle Décor magazine.


The Lesson That Keeps on Giving

“Giving back” is a hard concept for children to grasp. It’s in their DNA; it’s in the developmental books – they are just hard-wired to have ownership over their things. It’s definitely an important lesson for grown-ups and kids alike, to learn to share and give to others. So I took it upon myself to address the concept this season with a little clean out of my 3-year-old’s closet and toy chest. I do this all the time unbeknownst to her, but this time, she was very involved. It also happens to be perfect timing for us to make some space for new gifts on their way down from the North Pole!

Cleaning out! Teaching the kids about donating to Goodwill

We went through the closets and the toy chest and had conversations about giving things to Goodwill when we have outgrown them or don’t play with them anymore.

Toys to donate to Goodwill

It went pretty well. There were, of course moments when both my 3-year-old and the 1 ½ year old would have a revived interest and love of one particular toy, but the moment passed.

Clothes to donate to Goodwill

Here’s the haul! It took some time to go through every item and discuss its value, but I think it was a valuable part of understanding and accepting the process.

Rubberband your shoes when you donate to Goodwill

Donation tip: when you donate shoes, rubberband them together. When you donate small things, like hair accessories in our case, place them in a zip-top plastic bag. This ensures that items don’t get lost or destroyed during the sorting process.

Keep hardlines and softlines in seperate bags or boxes for easy sorting

Donation tip 2: keep “hardlines,” like hangers, in a separate box or bag from “softlines,” like clothing. It makes for easier sorting and handling of donations to keep them in good condition.

Lesson learned - and accepting a thank you from Goodwill

On the way to our nearby Goodwill donation center, my daughter had a moment of panic when she asked if we were donating her blanket… I reassured her that the items we donate that we don’t need anymore do not include items that she can’t live without.

At that, she happily passed over her bags to the donation attendant and proudly accepted her donation receipt and a sincere ‘thank you.’ Lesson learned, I think. Happy holidays!

Designer Bags Galore!

Are you looking for a great buy on an even better handbag? Head over to Goodwill’s Déjà Blue boutique, located at 303 University Blvd, where you’ll find lots of amazing purses at even better prices.

Check out this amazing, green Chanel bag in pristine condition!

chanel 2


Or this trendy Jérôme Dreyfuss black satchel-style bag, which is priced at only $399!


Looking for something a little more rugged in style? How about this beautiful, leather Marley Hodgson bag?


Got to love this little detail on the side, plus it’s only $299!


There are plenty of other amazing steals to be found. Check out this wall of designer bags! You can see it in person at Déjà Blue back near the checkout area.


Brands shown above include Alexander Wang, Cole Hahn, Abra, Jil Sander, and Dolce & Gabbana! Prices start as low as $69 on these great labels. Are you looking for something at a lower price point that’s just as fashionable? There’s a whole rack full of great handbags with plenty of awesome labels (like Coach!) in the mix.

photo (7)